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Obstruction of gangways: Exhibitors must not obstruct gangways or encroach or hinder in any way.

Sub-letting: Exhibitors will not be allowed to sub-let or divide their stands unless special written permission has been obtained from the organisers. 

Abandonment of show: In the event of fire, war, force majeure, or an act of God, or any other occurrence or circumstances whatsoever, whether ejusdem generis or not, render it, in the opinion of the organisers advisable to postpone, interrupt or prematurely conclude it in whole or part, or to hold it on a reduced scale, the organisers may terminate the contract at any time on giving the exhibitor notice in writing to that effect, and in such cases the organisers shall be under no liability to the exhibitor nor shall the exhibitor be entitled to any refund or charges or monies paid.

Termination or cancellation of contract: Exhibitors shall not be entitled to cancel this agreement without the express written permission of the organisers and then only on terms acceptable to the organisers. The organisers may terminate this contract (without prejudice to its other remedies) forthwith by notice in writing to the exhibitor. The financial terms for an agreed cancellation are as follows and are not negotiable: Payments are non-refundable.